Revitalising politics: Position paper

This paper, written by Colin Hay (University of Sheffield), Gerry Stoker (University of Southampton) and Andy Williamson (Hansard Society), sets the scene for the upcoming conference, presenting a broad discussion on political disengagement and some of the reasons for it.

The paper charges that the Government and political elites more generally have failed to fully recognise the scale, depth and nature of the democratic political malaise we face. A number of issues have been ducked thus far in public debate and a concern for the renewal of democratic politics in the UK means that the paper argues they need to be tabled once more–and, in due course, addressed directly,  something, it is hoped, that this conference will provide impetus too.

Download the Revitalising politics-position paper (103Kb|PDF)


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Revitalising Politics is an examination of why, given that the UK is going through a period of constitutional innovation, we lack the revitalised politics to go along with it. This website is a space for attendees and others who are interested to review, comment and expand on the position papers being presented at the conference.

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