Conference reports – Day 2

Here are the write-ups from the second day of the conference. The three panels were based around the academic papers available on the site.

Chair: Andy Williamson, Hansard Society

Panel 1 – Process

  • New methods of engagement – Graham Smith, University of Southampton
  • Challenges of multi-level governance – Tony Travers, London School of Economics
  • Teaching Democracy – James Sloam, Royal Holloway College & Ben Kisby, University of Sheffield
  • [Download]

Panel 2 – Communication and participation

  • Failing of political parties – Paul Webb, University of Sussex
  • Failings of interest group – William Maloney, University of Newcastle
  • The role of new media – Rachel Gibson, University of Manchester
  • [Download]

Panel 3 – (re)engagement

  • Levels of participation and citizen attitudes – Paul Whiteley, University of Essex
  • Bridging the gap: Revitalising politics and the politics of public expectations – Matt Flinders, University of Sheffield
  • Involving Young People – Jon Tonge, University of Liverpool
  • [Download]

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Revitalising Politics is an examination of why, given that the UK is going through a period of constitutional innovation, we lack the revitalised politics to go along with it. This website is a space for attendees and others who are interested to review, comment and expand on the position papers being presented at the conference.

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