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British voters ‘turned off’ by media hype and cynical blogs

Corrosive cynicism, fuelled by politically nihilistic blogs and a retreat from dispassionate reporting, is endangering British political discourse, Hazel Blears, the communities secretary, will tell a Hansard Society conference today on growing political disengagement in Britain.

She will lambast the growth of a hermetically-sealed professional political class and call for a support network on the lines of the political women’s action group Emily’s List to help more people from ordinary careers into full-time politics.

In a hard-hitting speech, she will warn that the fall in turnouts among working class voters in some British cities is now so marked that it amounts to a reversal by stealth of 19th century reforms that spread the franchise. More…


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We’ve set up a new twitter feed so that you follow what’s happening with the conference. During the conference we’ll be using this feed to report on what’s being said. Follow Revitalising Politics here…


keynote speakers announced

We’re pleased to announce that the Rt Hon Hazel Blears MP and Chris Huhne MP will give keynote addresses on the first day of the Revitalising Politics conference. Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the RSA will give the keynote address at the conference dinner.

Revitalising Politics is an examination of why, given that the UK is going through a period of constitutional innovation, we lack the revitalised politics to go along with it. This website is a space for attendees and others who are interested to review, comment and expand on the position papers being presented at the conference.

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